Misted Double Glazing Problems?

We repair misted, fogged or steamed up double glazed windows and doors.

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Summer Misted Double Glazing

We repair misted, fogged, steamed up double glazing windows and doors caused by summer conditions

Winter Misted Double Glazing

We repair misted, fogged and steamed up windows and doors caused by winter conditions

The most common questions we are asked about Misted Double Glazing

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  • Can you get condensation out of double glazing?

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Misted double glazing, misted units, steamed up windows or foggy windows, whatever we call them it is one one of the main observations contained within written home reports when selling or buying houses'

We repair all types, brands and makes of steamed up, fogged or misted double glazing
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Summer and Winter Months

‘Cavity Failed Sealed Units’

Misted Double Glazed Failed Units are double or triple glazed sealed window units that have excess moisture trapped in the cavity between the panes of glass.

This is caused where there is a breach in the hermetic seal (airtight seal) around the edge of the sealed unit allowing moist air to enter the cavity of the unit over a period of days, weeks or months.

Temperature rises moist air is trapped

When the temperature rises the moist air trapped within the double glazed window unit condenses and over a period of time gives a white cloudy effect which to the eye is irritating and unsightly.

Over 90% of failed double glazing sealed units are south-east to south-west facing due to the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west providing the greatest change in daily temperature which in turn creates the most movement in the window and door frame through expansion and contraction.

Failings in Double Glazed Windows

It is our opinion that if there were any weaknesses or faults in the original manufacturing process of the double glazed sealed unit, the continual expansion and contraction of the window or door frame will eventually cause the sealed unit to fail at the point of defect.

It is our professional opinion after decades of working within the double glazing industry that the only long term solution to this problem is to fully replace the failed unit with a new one. We can offer this repair service to any timber, UPVC, aluminium window frame of any age with a comforting 5 year warranty.

Winter Months

‘Internal Condensation’

In the winter months where the outside temperature drops significantly, this can cause condensation on the internal surface of sealed units due to the increased gap between internal and external temperature.  This causes the glass surface to be much colder than the room temperature.

Try this simple experiment

Put the palm of your hand on the window or door frame, count to ten, then place  the palm of your hand on the glass.  You will instantly feel the glass is much colder.

So what needs to be done?

Put simply the glass temperature needs to be raised.

This can be achieved by fitting more energy efficient units using warm edge spacer bar technology combined with low emission glass and argon gas between the panes of glass.

We have had considerable success in greatly reducing condensation and in many instances completely stopping condensation occurring.

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We also repair misted double glazing on caravans and static caravans

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